Activate Your Patients


Knowledgeable and confident patients are better able to manage their own health and healthcare. As a result, they have better outcomes. It all starts with patients: 

  1. Believing their role is important
  2. Being confident and knowing how and when to take action
  3. Taking action to maintain and improve one's health
  4. Staying on track, even under stress


UbiCare's SmarteXp solution supports all 4 of these goals through timely messages delivering understandable, evidence–based content. Check out the image below to see a sample from our Pregnancy and Early Childhood series.


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With elements (circled on the left), such as engaging questions, timely tips, anticipatory guidance, and 24/7 secure messaging, UbiCare's solutions provide continued support through weekly educational messages that engage patients with the right information at the right time. In short, we empower patients to be proactive partners in their healthcare.


Patients say:

"I look forward to the emails, I have learned so much from them and they have helped me take better care of myself and my infant" 

- Patient from Signature Healthcare

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