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Provide optimal care to your patients and help guide them through 13 weeks to improve their heart health with evidence-based content.


“I was blown away by the messaging tool. It is so easy for me to make changes. Now I look like an HTML rock star! I have used other communication tools in the past, but this is exactly what you want for a user experience.”

—Lesley Solomon, Director of ePhilanthropy, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

26.6 million Americans have heart disease.

80% of heart disease is preventable.

85% find emails as helpful as (sometimes even better than) face-to-face or phone contact.



Meet your hospital's goals by:

  • Improving patient experience with 26 biweekly connections.

  • Providing optimal care with targeted, evidence-based content through email campaigns, surveys and comprehensive analytics.

  • Retaining revenue by reducing readmissions and shortening length of stay, while boosting your HCAHPS score and fulfilling HEDIS requirements.

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