What to know about Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement,
CMS's bundled payment initiative for knee and hip replacement. 

What to know about Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement

CMS's initiative Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement affects approximately 800 hospitals in 67 metropolitan statistical areas.

  • CMS requires hospitals to bundle expenses before, during and after surgery.

  • A hospital must be in the 30th percentile or above nationally on readmissions (30-day), complications (90-day) and HCAHPS. 

  • Risks and rewards are associated with high value. 

Episode-specific patient education for joint replacement surgery reduces average length of stay and daily care cost, drives hospital revenue and increases patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores. 

Episode-based Intervention for joint replacement surgery has a proven financial impact.

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Patient Messaging Linked to Outcomes
White Paper: CCJR Joint Replacement Payment Plan

Succeed at Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement

Learn why educating your patients before, during and after joint surgery prepares them and gets your hospital the CMS reimbursements you deserve. 

You'll learn:

  • The top 3 care quality concerns of CJR and how to address them.
  • Why patients—and your hospital—do better when you engage patients throughout the entire episode of care.
  • Why you need to focus on the full episode of care even if you're not yet part of CJR.
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