100% of healthcare facilities using UbiCare's total joint replacement solution
have readmission rates below the national average of 4.6%.*

*Hospital Compare

What are readmissions costing you?

What Are Readmissions Costing Your Organization?**

Patient communication can reduce readmission rates by 5%, according to a Harvard Business Review study.* If you're not connecting with patients before they enter the hospital, you're losing money to preventable readmissions. 

Use the calculator to find out what readmissions are costing you.

Calculations are based on the direct hospital cost of total hip arthroplasty reported at $17,000.** Your actual cost of total joint replacement may be higher or lower.

*Harvard Business Review
**PLoS One

Reduce readmission rates with SmarteXp™

HealthEast is reducing readmissions for total joint replacement. Read the case study. 

Insurers are penalizing healthcare providers for high readmission rates. Each year, about 2,400 hospitals see their Medicare reimbursements reduced up to 3% because of patients readmitted within 30 days of discharge.

Through interactive engagement and automation technology, SmarteXp pinpoints and addresses opportunities to change patient behaviors associated with readmissions. 

SmarteXp surgery solutions also align with Project RED
(Re-Engineered Discharge)
 and engage patients in 10 of the most commonly spoken languages in the U.S.

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SmarteXp surgery solutions offer an online platform for admins to automate patient connections and access data on patient progress, engagement and satisfaction.