improving patient outcomes for joint replacement


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Provide optimal care to your patients and help guide them through their joint replacement surgery from 6 weeks pre-op to 6 months post-op with evidence-based content.

"I know several people who had joints replaced at other hospitals and they felt basically tossed out the door. They were amazed by these messages and wished they had something as good."

-Knee Replacement Surgery Patient, New England Baptist Hospital
Mercy joint surgery patient engagement

98% feel more prepared for their surgery.

93% always/usually read the messages.

76% said the emails would be a factor in recommending the hospital.

Source: NEBH Patient Satisfaction Survey

Meet your hospital's goals by:

  • Improving patient experience with weekly connections from 6 weeks pre-op to 6 months post-op.

  • Providing optimal care with targeted, evidence-based content through email campaigns, surveys and comprehensive analytics.

  • Retaining revenue by reducing readmissions and shortening length of stay, while boosting your HCAHPS score and fulfilling HEDIS requirements.


Learn how to succeed at Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR), CMS's new bundled payment program for knee and hip replacement.

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