Patient Engagement … Then and Now

Patients have always needed guidance when it comes to their health. How
healthcare providers communicate that guidance has changed a lot in the
last 10 years! … Have you kept pace?


Doctors and hospitals sent patients home with pages of paper instructions—a costly, inefficient and easily misplaced mode of education. A few trailblazers sent informative, but text-heavy emails.


Today, communication is concise, digital, mobile, multi-media and data-driven. And healthcare providers need it to stay connected with their patients.

Here’s why:

Federal regulators—and payers!—require proof of quality care and patient satisfaction.

  • 93% of U.S. adults want to communicate with their doctors
    by email.

  • 77% use a smartphone.

  • 72% are looking for health info on their own—online.



    With UbiCare’s secure, digital and mobile technology, you can ensure that your
    patients get accurate, reliable health info from you (rather than “Dr. Google”):

    • Wherever they are – via cellphone, tablet or computer

    • Whenever they need it – with automated messages that address patient concerns throughout the care continuum

    • Using multi-media – featuring videos, assessment tools, surveys and text messaging to give patients a variety of ways to learn and remember

    • Addressing patient populations – as a whole or individually with private,
      personal communication; and

    • Providing you with important data on patient engagement, knowledge, adherence and satisfaction.