UbiCare and TeleHealth Services have joined forces to improve patient satisfaction, Meaningful Use compliance and patient outcomes throughout the care continuum. The new Tigr@Home solution provides clinical efficiencies, interactive communication and episode-specific patient education sent directly to personal devices. 

Plus, hospitals can access data to monitor population trends and evaluate efficacy—two critical components in improving patient experience while reducing cost.

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“This service really helped me know what to expect for my surgery and prepare for a quicker recovery."

—Joint replacement surgery patient


Now available for two of your most significant populations:




New and Expectant Moms and Families

Pregnancy and early childhood is a key time when women often choose hospitals to provide health care for their entire families.

By starting that patient-provider relationship as soon as a woman learns she is expecting, through her first few years as a new mother, hospitals gain lifelong patient loyalty and improve patient satisfaction and experience.






Total Joint Replacement Surgery Patients

With Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR), CMS is trending toward bundled payment initiatives for joint replacement surgery that ask hospitals to manage the entire episode of care. 

Supporting, guiding and engaging patients throughout the care continuum—before, during and after joint surgery—is now a “must” for hospitals. Doctor-patient communication will set patient expectations, reduce complications and readmissions and improve patient satisfaction. 

reach patients beyond the hospital walls. 

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Bridge the gap between your patients' in- and out-of-hospital experiences. Extend your reach with technology that improves doctor-patient communication everywhere your patients are. 

Our partnership currently allows us to reach more than 9 million patients in the United States, Europe and Asia with patient education both in the hospital and outside the hospital walls.

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Improve patient-provider access on any device.


Make connecting to your hospital part of your patients' lifestyle. 

72% of internet users search online for health information, where they often find unreliable or conflicting resources. Now your patients have the trustworthy education and access they need.

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manage the entire episode of care.

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Educate patients throughout the care continuum—from before they enter your hospital through discharge.

A study of reengineered discharge showed that educating patients before they leave the hospital can reduce readmissions and emergency department visits by 30%. A study of patient activation showed that patient education can reduce readmission rates up to 40%

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