There are a few reasons that an image you uploaded to a campaign or storyboard segment might not appear how you want it to look in the preview. Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot.

It's the wrong file type

You can upload any file with an extension ending in .jpg, .jpeg or .png into the image field of SmarteXp. Note that SmarteXp does not support uploading pdfs.



The image is too big

If your image is showing up zoomed in on a particular area, the image is most likely too big for our SmarteXp platform. Try saving a smaller copy of the image. 

See the preferred image sizes and how to resize images on a PC or Mac here


The text is too small

If you’re working with an image originally created for a different purpose, such as a flyer, the text might be too small to read when uploaded into SmarteXp. One option is to recreate the flyer in the SmarteXp platform. If you want to maintain elements of the original document, you might try cropping parts of it in a program like Paint (PC) or Preview (Mac) and uploading one or more of the cropped images into the campaign.