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UbiCare's SmarteXp Bariatric Surgery engagement solution guides your patients from pre-op preparation 6 months before surgery through the procedure itself and out to 18 months post-op.

Patients receive targeted digital education  from their hospital  on any mobile device.&nbsp;

Patients receive targeted digital education from their hospital on any mobile device. 

Ensure that each patient is prepared for bariatric surgery and post-op success, including required, lifelong dietary, fitness and behavior changes.

The Bariatric Surgery solution covers the 4 most common procedures: gastric bypass, lap band, gastric sleeve and duodenal switch, addressing the risks and benefits, expected weight loss and potential complications of each.

Interactive emails, text messages, videos and animations, accompanying library articles, and weight loss and maintenance tips have a motivating, supportive tone.

Set your patients up for long-term success after bariatric surgery. 


• Pre-op prep, including required medical tests and evaluations, what to expect on surgery day, and post-op dietary, fitness and lifestyle changes

• In-hospital guidance immediately following the surgery through discharge prep

• Post-op support for dietary, fitness and lifestyle requirements, including information on preventing or dealing with weight gain, weight plateaus, complications and side effects

Product features: 

  • Evidence-based health messages by email and text; videos and animations, library articles and other helpful resources
  • Companion message series on healthy weight loss
  • Food and fitness log accessible by both patients and providers
  • 24/7 mobile connections to simplify two-way patient-provider communication
  • Secure messaging between patients and providers
  • Real-time data showing how engaged and activated your patients are
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