Breastfeeding Education for Patients and Staff


Promoting exclusive breastfeeding can help your hospital improve patient outcomes and satisfaction – while reducing the lifetime risk of diabetes, asthma, obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis and several types of cancer for both moms and babies.


In this era of value-based care, hospitals are being held accountable for the health outcomes and preventive care of their patients. 

This is an indispensable tool for breastfeeding education and promotion. As our hospital tackles the steps to becoming Baby Friendly, the email content supports and reinforces our outreach to patients and their families.
— Diane Sampson, Education Director/Lactation Consultant, UVA Health System

Two distinct messaging series educate patients and hospital staff with evidence-based content that supports the recommendations of the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee, World Health Organization, Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Breastfeeding Patient – Guides mothers from week 35 of pregnancy through their baby’s first birthday with content on:

  • Benefits of breastfeeding for both baby and mother
  • Breastfeeding techniques
  • Trouble-shooting
  • What to expect from childbirth through age 1

Breastfeeding Staff – Trains hospital staff on criteria recommended by the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee and Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative to:

  • Promote, guide and support exclusive breastfeeding in the hospital immediately following childbirth
  • Offer continued support to the mother upon discharge.

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