SmarteXp® Campaigns Help Baystate Medical Center Connect with Expectant and New Parents

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At Baystate Medical Center, digital patient education is part of the standard of care for expectant and new parents. Kimberly Congden, Manager of Lactation Services and Parent Education, joined our March 2019 User Group to lead a discussion on how using the campaign tool in SmarteXp® helps her team provide the information and support that new and expectant families need. Here are some examples from Kim of how she uses creative campaigns to connect with her patients.


Class Enrollment Campaign

One of the things that we find campaigns work beautifully for are for driving class enrollments. By using campaigns, we can really target the people we want to get in the class. When we send out a campaign about a session, we usually get 100% enrollment! We’re paying an instructor for these classes, so when we fill classes we’re educating more people and really making better use of our time and money through the campaigns. We’ve done these campaigns for many classes, with high open rates—it works wonderfully for us.

Health Alert Campaign

We’re in flu restrictions right now, so we wanted to get this campaign out to as many people as possible, not just to a specific group of people like the prenatal class campaign. The flu restrictions don’t only impact labor and delivery patients, but it’s important information for anyone who might have a reason to visit the hospital. So we sent an email to all of the names in our SmarteXp® database, including current subscribers and graduates of the digital education program. We had more than 3,000 people open the message.

It’s amazing how many people engage when we send out campaigns, even graduates. It’s great to know that you have this database of people you can connect with.

Product Sales Campaign

We sell products in our lactation office as a convenience to our patients. We had a few items that had been sitting around for a while, so we sent a campaign to let people know what we had for sale.

It was amazing how quickly people responded to the campaign. Within five minutes the phone was ringing, and we have cleared out most of the items we wanted to get rid of. Sending the campaign was a great way to not only help moms get the nursing supplies they need but also to impact the hospital’s bottom line by clearing out old inventory and generating some revenue.

New Mom Outreach Campaign

I recently started a new campaign where I reach out to get more feedback from patients, by sending a message a week or so after their baby is born to see how breastfeeding is going and if they need any additional support. I link to my inbox, and the campaign also includes our phone number, so we can connect with them right away if they need us. 

Plus, we’re getting creative and adding text messaging as a way to send this campaign to these new moms! We’re finding that’s a really useful way to reach people, as well.

Want to start sending targeted campaigns to engage your patients? We have resources that can help!

  • Check out Campaigns under the Projects tab in your Admin Center to see special campaigns created for your service line by UbiCare that you can use right away, including “Vaping and Pregnancy”, “Joint Replacement: Tips for Recovery Progress Blues”, “The Importance of Having a Primary Care Physician” and more.   

  • Visit the Campaign section of the User Guide for a step-by-step guide on how to create and send campaigns.

  • Talk with your Client Success & Outcomes Manager. She can answer questions about campaigns and provide insights into potential topics, best practices and audience segmentation.

UbiCare hosts bimonthly half-hour User Groups for our customers to connect and share success stories, best practices and ideas with each other. Add our next user group session to your calendar here. Or, contact your Client Success & Outcomes Manager for more information.

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