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Wondering how you can use the Campaigns feature to help achieve
your hospital's patient education and engagement goals?

Below you'll find some helpful suggestions for different types of campaigns.

Attend a Class Campaign

Use this campaign to:

  • Increase enrollment in your hospital's classes.

  • Drive traffic to your class website page.

  • Encourage past attendees to take additional classes.

Flu Campaign

Use this campaign to:

  • Encourage patients and their families to get the flu vaccine.

  • Make sure your patients have accurate information about the flu vaccine. 

Vaping Campaign

Use this campaign to:

  • Educate patients on the risks of vaping during pregnancy.

  • Link to assistance for quitting.

Post-Op Pain Management Campaign


Use this campaign to:

  • Provide reassurance with that some post-op pain and discomfort is normal. 

  • Remind patients of critical actions they need to take to manage pain in the days after surgery. Patients may forget information their doctor tells them or lose paper instructions. An email campaign can be read at their own convenience, meaning they'll be more likely to follow instructions and have better outcomes.