Options & Opportunities for Customization: 7 Tips from NorthBay Healthcare

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Customizing your digital education program in the SmarteXp® platform is always an option. If you like, virtually every element of SmarteXp® can be easily and efficiently customized to meet the promotional, educational and clinical needs of your hospital or practice.

Taylor Conn, Digital Marketing Specialist from NorthBay Healthcare, joined our May 2019 User Group to discuss opportunities for customizing your digital education program. Here are some creative ways that the NorthBay team uses customizations to promote their parenting education messages:


1. Create a name to brand the patient education program.

NorthBay created the name “Baby Steps by NorthBay.” This makes it memorable and personal for patients and specific to the hospital throughout the program. They use this name for their Pregnancy, Infancy, Breastfeeding and Toddler messaging, so the branding is consistent for their patients from before their baby is born throughout their child’s early life.

2. Consider adding your own artwork. And repurpose it over and over!

If you aren’t in marketing or don’t have experience in graphic design, ask colleagues in your marketing and communications department for assistance. They may have easy access to your organization’s image library and other creative assets that can provide a head start. UbiCare will also help you design custom banners for your patient education program content, and for promotional purposes on your website.

NorthBay created this graphic and includes it on their Pregnancy and Childbirth Education webpages. Clicking it takes you right to their program sign up page. They also include it on patient communications like appointment confirmations to remind people to sign up for the program.

3. Use champions to create personal connections.

NorthBay uses a different staff member as the face and voice of each messaging series. Including multiple champions can be an effective way to make more patients feel like they are hearing right from their care team—and make them more likely to pay attention and be engaged in their care.

It’s also a great way to raise the profile of individual doctors, educators and other clinicians—for example, to introduce new physicians who have joined a practice. You can even link from their name to their provider’s webpage to encourage self-referrals and appointment inquiries.

4. Promote key focus areas.

NorthBay includes links to prenatal class info, pediatric care and lactation support in the Helpful Links section of each message.

NorthBay has recently extended their urgent care hours, so they also added a new section to their messages promoting their new Care ‘til 8 service.

5. Leverage your marketing toolkit.

UbiCare provides you with a best practices toolkit full of advice on everything from enrollment strategies to ready-to-use marketing materials, including rack cards, brochures, a slide to pull up during classes and suggested social media postings. NorthBay customized these materials with the Baby Steps name and graphics to brand them to their hospital.

6. Review your Data Dashboard to see what’s working.

The NorthBay team looks at the content and links that are most popular to get a better idea of what their patients are most interested in. If a link isn’t being clicked, they change it out for something else.

7. Look to your UbiCare Libraries for enhanced content.

Lots of clicks into library articles are an indicator that your patients are hungry for deeper education. If you notice a topic that generates a lot of secure messages or consistently makes the list of Top Links in your data dashboard, consider other ways to serve up related info and make it easy for patients to access. You can add your own content on the subject to the library and link to it. You can also modify your automated messaging or create a freestanding campaign that speaks specifically to that topic and send it to a target list of subscribers.  

The SmarteXp® platform makes it easy to add new content and, once it’s there, you don’t need to add it again. Plus, you can add content like updated links and images without needing to touch the core content of the messaging.

Want to use customizations to engage your patients and promote the goals of your hospital or practice? We have resources that can help!

  • Visit the Best Practices for Customization section of the online User Guide for tips and tricks to easily add custom content to your emails and campaigns.

  • Talk with your Client Success & Outcomes Manager. We are here to answer questions about campaigns and provide insights into potential topics, best practices and audience segmentation.

UbiCare hosts bimonthly half-hour User Groups for our customers to connect and share success stories, best practices and ideas with each other. Add our next user group session to your calendar here. Or, contact your Client Success & Outcomes Manager for more information.

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