FAQ About Patient Engagement and UbiCare Solutions

> What is the definition of patient engagement and why do I need to do it? +

A lot of companies say they do patient engagement and everyone defines it differently. At UbiCare, we define patient engagment as making meaningful digital connections with your patients everywhere they are, making them informed and confident partners in their healthcare and giving you proof of your strong relationships with them with real-time data and a visible return on investment.

> Do you have solutions in other service lines? +

Yes! We offer products in many different service lines, including pregnancy and early childhood, joint replacement, stroke, concussion, autism, general health and wellness, inpatient care and more. It's rare that we won't have the healthcare service line you're looking for, but if we don't, contact us about creating a custom service line solution for your hospital.

> Is this going to take a lot of staff time to manage? +

No! UbiCare's solutions are designed to save your staff time. Enrollment is hands free. And our evidence-based health content will answer patients' questions before they even think to ask, meaning no more endless phone calls with questions for your staff to answer.

> What kind of implementation support and ongoing help do you offer? +

Once you become a client, your personal Client Success Manager (CSM) will guide you in the best practices for using our products. Call and ask for your CSM at 617-524-8861 or email them directly or at clientsuccess@ubicare.com

> Do you help with Meaningful Use? +

Absolutely. UbiCare's SmarteXp is a Meaningful Use certified vendor for Patient-Specific Educational Resources (Measure 10 of Meaningful Use 2).

> How much does it cost? +

Pricing varies depending on your solution. No matter which you choose, UbiCare is proven to provide a return on investment in 60 to 90 days. For exact pricing, call us and ask for a Sales Consultant or email sales@ubicare.com.

Have a different question? Ask Client Success or send us a chat.