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We can't wait to get you started proving the impact of your new engagement solution.

You've probably heard from your Client Success Manager (CSM). Now is the time to schedule your first Getting Started call with your CSM. Please invite all stakeholders to be on this 30- to 45-minute call. This is just the beginning of your relationship with them.
Contact Client Success anytime.

What to Expect

Before the Call     |    The First Call
After the First Call     |     The Second Call



Before the Call

Read over Master Content Documents.
This includes educational content for all your licensed solutions.

Send us your hospital logo and brand guidelines.
We'll use this information to create a custom header for your messages and customize your platform to you. Please send high resolution logos.

Choose a champion and send us a photo of the person.
Patients say that the champion photo helps them feel more connected to your hospital. Choose a friendly, close-up photo of a real staff member. Remember to send the person's name, title and credentials. 


Champion image

Compile a list of names and emails for all internal stakeholders.
Please include all department heads, doctors, nurses, directors, educators and anyone else who will be involved in the program. We'll get them signed up when you are ready, as it will help them understand the solution's impact on patients and the hospital.  

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The First Call

On your first Getting Started call, we will discuss: 

  • An overview of the product, platform and enrolling your patients

  • Any customizations you would like to make

  • The schedule of your second Getting Started call in about two weeks

  • Your initiatives and goals as well as how you'll measure success

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Following the first Getting Started call

We will give you an icon to add to your website to promote the program and encourage patients to sign themselves up. Or, download an icon below. (Once you click below, right click and save the image to your computer.)

Download Pregnancy & Early Childhood icon

Download Joint Surgery icon


Work with your marketing or IT department to create a vanity url to facilitate enrollment.

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The Second Call

On your Second Getting Started call, we will discuss: 

  • Campaigns, surveys and secure messaging

  • Data and monthly reports

  • Best practices for using and promoting this solution among hospital staff and patients

  • Scheduling a monthly check-in call

Campaign Example

Campaign Example

Survey Example

Survey Example


If you need assistance, contact client success at or call 617-524-8861.


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