Improve your HEDIS Score


UbiCare's SmarteXp messaging series help you achieve Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set, HEDIS, quality measures. Automatic and timely, patient-specific information and education resources help you reduce readmissions and build meaningful connections with your patients. 

HEDIS is a tool used by more than 90% of America’s health plans to measure performance on important dimensions of clinical care, as well as customer satisfaction and patient experience.


The 5 domains of care are:

  1. Effectiveness of Care
  2. Access/Availability of Care
  3. Experience of Care
  4. Utilization of Care
  5. Relative Resource Use



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Patients say: 
"I received stellar care. I even shared the communications with my insurer so they saw the quality of care I was receiving."

- Mission Health System

UbiCare helps guide patients throughout the care continuum—before, during and after surgery or inpatient care. Each messaging series incorporates a focus on the whole patient–developmental, physical, psychological–as well as the caregiver/support system.

  • Through these unique, strategic touch points, hospitals set patient expectations, reduce complications and readmissions, and improve patient satisfaction. 


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