Total knee and hip replacement are the two most common inpatient surgeries for Medicare patients. Readmissions, complications and cancellations make them some of  the most costly for hospitals. 

Leading orthopedic hospitals are using proactive, digital engagement to educate patients as early as the moment they are scheduled for surgery. These hospitals are seeing real results, including:

  • Lower hospital readmissions

  • Shorter length of stay

  • Fewer discharges to skilled nursing facilities, with education preparing patients to recover at home instead


Hospitals with SmarteXp® Joint Replacement Surgery have higher patient satisfaction ratings. 



feel better prepared for surgery


are more likely to recommend their hospital

"I know several people who had joints replaced at other hospitals and they felt basically tossed out the door. They were amazed by these messages and wished they had something as good."

– Total knee replacement patient, New England Baptist Hospital

Source: NEBH Patient Satisfaction Survey


UbiCare's SmarteXp® delivers evidence-based digital education by email or text, and encourages the health behaviors impacting outcomes and your hospital's bottom line.

  • Automatic, digital patient connections throughout the episode of care guide patients from 6 weeks pre-op to 6 months post-op

  • Additional, on-demand messaging and survey capabilities

  • Secure messaging between patients and providers

  • Built-in patient-reported feedback and satisfaction surveys

  • Real-time data showing how engaged and activated your patients are