Manage Teen Heart Health & Obesity

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Fight teen obesity and prevent heart disease risk in children with patient-provider communications. 


1 in 5 teenagers in the U.S. are considered obese. Obese children as young as 8 show signs of heart disease.

  • UbiCare's Fit4You patient education solution, seamlessly integrates smart choices about diet and exercise into children and teens' daily lives

  • Peer-to-peer videos of teens share their challenges and successes to improve weight and heart health risk factors

  • In-message surveys that let the care team know how teens are progressing outside of doctor’s appointments, and data on how participants have engaged with each message

  • Parents receive and access the same messages with a special content section offering strategies and resources for supporting their teens’ efforts

Messaging series delivers automatically 2x per week for 26 weeks and builds ongoing patient-provider relationships. 

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