3 Easier Ways to Add and Update Subscribers in SmarteXp 3.0.1

1. We’ve Added Bounced Email Tracking.

Do you know whether all of your subscribers’ email addresses are correct? What if the email is no longer valid (or has a typo)? With bounced email tracking, it’s now easy to search for a list of any emails that are undeliverable—or bounced—and update them:

• Log into your SmarteXp Admin Center and go to your subscriber database.


• The drop=down menu on the right lets you search your subscriber database by subscription status—“active,” “graduated,” “unsubscribed” and now “bounced.”

• Selecting “bounced” generates a list of subscribers whose emails are invalid and, as a result, are no longer receiving your messages. (SmarteXp automatically stops emailing addresses once they have bounced 3 times.)

The subscription details of a patient with a bounced email address. 

The subscription details of a patient with a bounced email address. 

• Ensure each of these subscribers receives your messages by editing their  information, providing an accurate email address and clicking “Update Subscriber”. 


2. Adding Subscribers From a List is Easier and More Efficient.

If you don’t yet use an API to seamlessly add subscribers, but you’ve moved beyond adding them individually, you’re probably adding a list of subscribers’ names that you have saved in a .csv file. This process is now much clearer:

• You no longer need to click the refresh button to the right of the progress bar to see the status of the import.


The progress bar tells you when your import is finished. 


• When your import is complete, you will receive a single email confirming the new status of each subscriber you’ve added, including whether he or she was successfully added or ignored as a duplicate or invalid email. 


3. Developers Now Have Expanded API Functionality

Your I.T. developers need to access protected subscriber information to help your systems “speak” to each other. They can’t log in and see subscriber data the same way other users see it, so the API Sandbox gives them a way to get the information they need.

Here’s how they can now get a subscriber’s status in our API Sandbox:

 • Log into your SmarteXp Admin Center, click the “Developers” link at the bottom of the page and click Sandbox from the navigation menu on the left. Click “Get” to check a subscriber’s status.


More API updates are coming soon!

By the way — If you don’t already use one, an API allows you to seamlessly enroll patients from any digital form. Ask your UbiCare Client Success Manager for more information.