Improvements for Meaningful Use, Population Health and APIs

Meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 Patient-Specific Education Resources (Measure 10)

The PlannedStay messaging series helps you meet Meaningful Use 2 Measure 10 for providing patient-specific education resources. Each message includes a box auto-populated with a link directly to Medline Plus information about the recipient’s hospital stay-related diagnosis or problem, based on the codes in the patient’s EHR. This supports attestation to Meaningful Use. If there is no connection between the EHR and SmarteXp, then the messages feature a Problem/Diagnosis search box where patients can search for their diagnosis or problem and get the appropriate results from Medline Plus.

Manage Your Population’s Health

The PopHealth series has been specifically designed to promote preventative care and access among a hospital’s target population while switching from the attitude of “let me help you” to “let me help you be healthy.” The content consists of reliable information on timely and general health topics, with specific messages targeted to populations of women and seniors.

Further enhancing access and knowledge, the PopHealth messaging series contains a responsive survey section where patients can answer questions about their PCP use, annual health checkups and screenings, and patient portal use. Depending on how the patient answers the questions, the appropriate information will be provided. Plus, you can track patients’ answers to follow up with them about finding a primary care provider or scheduling an appointment. This feature is available with the PlannedStay series as well.

Easier connections through HL7 and API “Sandbox”

We now speak HL7, meaning it’s easier to use our Application Programming Interface (API). This is good news for you because with an API, you can automatically enroll subscribers in your messaging series. Want to know more about APIs and how they help you meet Meaningful Use requirements? Read our blog post here.

We’ve also improved documentation and created a “sandbox” or demo account for developers to test out using our API.

Improved Reporting

Hospitals with more than one messaging series can now see their monthly data from all series on a single report. Find these reports under Data and then click the Monthly Reports button.

New features!

Want a quick and easy way to keep track of what’s new in your SmarteXp Admin Center? We’ve added a New Feature Notification Bar to the upper right of your screen.

When you log in, look for the spinning UbiCare swirl with a number attached to it—that means we’ve added new features since your last login. Click the swirl to get a quick look at updates and a link to this New Features blog.