Hospital Accreditation for
Total Joint Replacement Education



Meet requirements set by orthopedic accrediting agencies as you automatically educate patients about knee and hip replacement surgery


UbiCare provides timely and memorable patient support for each relevant AAOS guideline. For example, based on the AAOS “Guideline on Preventing Venous Thromboembolic Disease in Patients Undergoing Elective Hip and Knee Arthroplasty”, in the weeks before surgery, patients learn about potential use of pharmacologic agents, mechanical compressive devices and early mobilization in the SmarteXp messaging series for Joint Replacement Surgery.

CMS non-reimbursable hospital-acquired conditions include injuries from falls and venous thromboembolism (VTE) after hip or knee replacement.  UbiCare’s phase-specific, individually tailored products provide timely patient education from pre-admission to post-discharge on these topics.

UbiCare’s healthcare communications address healthcare safety problems identified by the Joint Commission and assist in solving them through patient and family awareness and education.  The Joint Commission's recommendations include marking the correct place on the patient’s body to ensure that the right surgery is done on the right patient, teaching safe medication use and measures to prevent surgery site infections, reconciling medication information during transitions such as hospital discharge and complying with hand hygiene guidelines.

AHRQ’s newly updated critical analysis of the evidence for patient safety practices reports 22 evidence-based practices that should be implemented now. Patient education and activation through UbiCare’s healthcare communications provides timely support for many of the AHRQ required practices including hand hygiene, prophylaxis for VTE, fall prevention, informed consent and documentation of patient preferences for life-sustaining treatment, medication reconciliation and rapid response systems.

Patient-centered care was declared one of 6 critical aims for healthcare by the IOM in 1999, but many providers still struggle to achieve it. Recent studies show that solutions like UbiCare's SmarteXp can reduce hospital readmissions by increasing patient knowledge and confidence, enhancing communication with the healthcare team, alerting patients to precautions and warning symptoms of a worsening condition and promoting a better understanding of their medication regimens. 

UbiCare helps guide patients throughout the care continuum—before, during and after surgery. Measure your ROI from UbiCare's patient engagement solutions using the ACS NSQIP ROI Calculator. For example, each deep vein thrombosis (DVT) averted saves $10,804. Each surgical site infection (SSI) avoided saves $27,631.

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