Prepare Patients for a Hospital Stay


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PlannedStay prepares patients for a successful hospital stay or outpatient procedure and guides them through their care after they leave.

70% of patients are anxious before surgery. 

Knowing what to expect can relieve hospital anxiety and surgery fear and provide a better patient experience.

Powered by SmarteXp, UbiCare's PlannedStay evidence-based health messaging tells patients what to expect before and after a hospital stay through the first month of recovery so you can manage the entire episode of care.

PlannedStay patient education solution

Product features: 

  • Pulls in patient-specific ICD codes.
    Messages automatically populate patient's diagnosis when connected to his or her EHR and link to more information. 
  • Meets Meaningful Use requirements.
    Hospitals must provide patient-specific education resources to more than 10% of their patients in MU Stage 2 and 3.

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