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PopHealth is your tool for population health management.


PopHealth is designed to promote preventative care and access among a hospital’s target population while switching from the attitude of “let me help you” to “let me help you be healthy.”

What is Population Health?

  • Population health has been defined as "the health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of such outcomes within the group".

  • Aims to improve the health of an entire population.

  • Focuses on social determinants of health—social, environmental, cultural and physical —as they have a measurable impact on the health of human populations.

  • Gives people the tools to control their health.

Source: What is Population Health? American Journal of Public Health. 


Product features: 

  • The PopHealth engagement solution focuses on social determinants of health—primarily physical and environmental—as they have a measurable impact on the health of populations.

  • Advanced interaction gives people the tools to control their health, with a specific focus on identifying a PCP, having an annual wellness checkup and health screenings or using the patient portal.

  • Patients receive customized feedback to encourage healthy behaviors based on how they answer questions about their care.

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