Reduce Hospital Readmissions


UbiCare programs are focused on reducing readmissions, decreasing costs and improving patient outcomes. Our patient engagement solutions incorporate information and guidance that have been proven to reduce readmissions, and are consistent with the elements of Project RED (Re-Engineered Discharge).

Project RED has proven strategies to improve the hospital discharge roles, promote patient safety and reduce hospital readmissions.

UbiCare messaging supports 9 key elements proven to reduce readmissions:

  1. Language preference
  2. Schedule follow-up
  3. Discuss results and tests
  4. Outpatient services
  5. Confirm medication plan
  6. Understandable discharge
  7. Patient understanding
  8. Emergency procedures
  9. Transfer discharge

For example, below are 2 messages from Joint Replacement Surgery that directly address understandable discharge and scheduling a follow-up appointment. 

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