Prepare Patients for Sports Medicine Surgery


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Provide optimal care to your patients and help guide them through their sports medicine surgery from 4 weeks pre-op to 6 months post-op with evidence-based content.


"When I got home from the hospital, I had so many questions and you answered every one of them in the email. I am amazed at how you know precisely what I'm going through. The emails arrived at exactly the right times and provided information and comfort."

-Orthopedics Patient

90% of patients want online access to health education to help manage conditions.

85% find emails as helpful as (sometimes even better than) face-to-face or phone contact.

74% of U.S. adults want digital communications from their doctors.


Meet your hospital's goals by:

  • Improving patient experience with weekly connections from 4 weeks pre-op to 6 months post-op.

  • Providing optimal care with targeted, evidence-based content through email campaigns, surveys and comprehensive analytics.

  • Retaining revenue by reducing readmissions and shortening length of stay, while boosting your HCAHPS score and fulfilling HEDIS requirements.

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