Mobile messaging helps hospitals engage and educate new parents—and forge lasting relationships along the way.

New parents want guidance on caring for their infants. And with the upheaval that comes with having a new baby, they need this guidance in a format that easily fits into their busy lives. Their phones always at the ready, millennial moms expect a direct, convenient way to receive and interact with information.

Mothers have been described as the Chief Medical Officers of their families, making 80% of the healthcare decisions. It’s critical that hospitals strengthen their bonds with new moms and give them the education they need to make informed decisions for themselves and their families.

UbiCare’s enhanced mobile messaging series provides the education that parents need to confidently care for their infants—along with the support and reassurance that new moms need to take care for themselves.


The messages help hospitals build lasting connections with patients and empower new moms to become confident caregivers. Among parents who received the messages:

85% are more confident about their care

88% feel more connected to their hospital

85% feel better prepared for appointments

93% take better care of themselves/their families