How to Add Your Own Content

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Series (also known as Storyboards) are the pre-populated educational content that SmarteXp® automatically delivers to patients at targeted points in their care.



Series are sent automatically to patients based on their due date, surgery date, diagnosis date or other trigger date. These messages are developed based on a deep understanding of content and design that drives behavior change.

You can update any part of your Series. You can update branding, add or modify content (including text, images, videos and more), and link to library articles or other online resources.

Log into SmarteXp®, click Projects on your navigation bar and select Storyboards from the drop-down menu. Then select the Series you want to review or edit.

Each series has multiple segments which stand for each email and text message your subscribers will get throughout time. To edit a segment, click to highlight it and select Edit.

Access your series through the Projects tab.

Edit Series Options

When you on the edit page, the Options button displays at the top of your screen. You can edit options such as the email from name, contact email and subject line for emailed series. You can also edit the text message for series sent by SMS.

Tip: Your client success manager will set up all your Series options during onboarding. Use caution when making changes to these fields.

The email from name is what will display in the “from” field in an email recipient’s inbox. It can be your name or a hospital or department name, such as “Your Orthopedics Team”. It's important to be consistent with the From Name to ensure that patients quickly recognize that the emails are coming from a trusted source.

The contact email must be a working email that can receive replies. Tip: Use a special, dedicated email for the Contact Email field rather than your own email address to avoid cluttering your own inbox and manage automated and other responses.

In the SMS message box, you’ll see the message as it appears on the recipient’s smartphone if you have the text feature enabled. Make sure you include the link between the double exclamation marks as shown. Note: Do not put the link at the very end of your SMS/Text message.

Set your email subject line, from name and address and SMS message text in the Options section.

Test an Email or SMS Message

Test an email or SMS message to see how it displays before sending it to your full population. To test an email, enter the email address you want to send the email to and click Send.

To text an SMS message, enter the 10-digit mobile phone number you want to send the text to with no hyphens and click Send.

To send a test to multiple recipients, separate each email or phone number with a comma.

Enter the mobile phone number without hyphens.

Enter the mobile phone number without hyphens.

Preview Series

Click the Preview button at the top of the left pane.

There are three preview options available:

  • Preview an email to see how the message looks in a recipient’s inbox.

  • Preview on the web to see how the message looks online. In most cases, the email and web versions of series messages are nearly identical.

  • Preview an SMS to see how a text will display on a recipient’s smartphone.

Tip: Test your links when previewing your messages.


Copying Content to Multiple Segments

You can update an image or any element that appears in multiple segments using the Apply Content to button. This saves times when updating standard elements such as your banner, champion, social media icons and more.

Change a Color

You can customize the colors of various elements, such as buttons, or box shading in your series to match your branding. You can specify colors using HEX codes (# plus 6 letters and/or numbers). Your branding contact in Marketing should be able to provide you with HEX codes for your brand colors.

Edit or Add Text

Click on the Element button at the top of the left pane to make edits or add text to an existing row. Use the text element to edit text in your series. You can adjust the font, size, color and alignment of your text.

To edit text, click on the text section you’d like to edit in the right pane. Use the Element section in the left pane to make edits. You will see your changes reflected on the right.

You can also add new content elements, or sections, by first adding a new row. Click on the Layout button in the left pane and then click Add Row. In the right pane, you can click and drag the new row to where you want your new content element to appear.

Change an Image

Each segment in your series starts with your banner image. You can change this or any other image in your series at any time.

Tip: If you are updating an image that appears in the same place in every segment in a series (such as a banner) be sure to use the Apply content to button. Click Select all and then click Apply.

Change Your Champion

The champion image – the photo of the staff member who is the face and voice of your digital communications – uses the ImageText element. If you need to change your champion, it’s easy to add a new image, name and title and apply the changes to each segment in your series all at once.

Tip: Make sure your image is between 55px and 200px wide before uploading. If you’re using the circular border option, edit your image to a square before uploading to avoid distortion.

Update or Add Social Media Links

The Social element lets you use your series to promote your social media platforms and build a following. You can link to your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Tip: Copy and paste your full account url for each social media site. For example, you can log in to your social media accounts and find those specific url’s.