Digital patient engagement that delivers

UbiCare's SmarteXp® is proven to impact the care experience and bottom line.


Why UbiCare?

UbiCare partners with forward-thinking healthcare organizations to improve care quality and outcomes and lower care costs by fostering patient engagement.


Easy access anywhere, anytime.

The right information delivered to the right patient at the right time  creates easy patient access across any device.


Ready content for everyone.

Fresh, dynamic content and sequenced prompts address patient needs and expectations from early in the care episode through recovery.


The intel you need to take action.

Real-time, flexible data allows you to understand patient actions, interactions and feedback – and turn that knowledge into action as you target resources to improve care.

How You Will Benefit with UbiCare

Strengthen relationships and build trust

Be at the forefront of care delivery innovation

Safely decrease patient care costs

Create workflow efficiencies

Be proactive in patient guidance and experience

Understand and deliver on patients needs

Build bandwidth in patient connections

Reduce cost and waste


Findings from a study of the impact of digital education on total joint replacement patients at a 4-hospital system include:


Significant cost-savings and efficiencies gained for hospitals

25% of a day reduction in LOS for hip replacement patients and 13% for knee replacement patients.

Early identification of at-risk patients

Hospitals can quickly identify patients who require additional support and attention.

High, equal usage across insurance types

71% of patients were highly engaged, regardless of whether publicly (Medicare/Medicaid) or privately insured.

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