Guide Patients on Women's Health Issues


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Women make 80% of healthcare decisions for their families.

  • Women are more likely to be the care givers when a family member falls ill.
  • Females of all ages accounted for 57% of all expenses incurred at doctors' offices in 2011.


  • Keeping them knowledgeable and engaged with your healthcare system puts you at the top of their minds for healthcare needs. 
  • Combines female-specific health information and resources on universal topics such as sleep problems and healthy living
  • Features seasonal and perennial health concerns such as flu prevention and summer skin protection
  • Spotlights high-profile breaking health news such as disease outbreaks and study results

Messaging series delivers automatically 2x month and keeps you connected to this critical population for 2 years.

This series is an effective way to keep women engaged for longterm relationships with your hospital.

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